Early Intervention

Early Intervention

When to start treatment?

At West Melbourne Physiotherapy we believe in early Physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Early Physiotherapy treatment for acute musculoskeletal injuries has many benefits.

Early and prompt treatment after injury can have many benefits including:

  • Early diagnosis of injury will allow for correct management and referral of injury if required.
  • Clear further major medical injuries including fractures.
  • Prevent further harm. Our physiotherapists can give advice regarding the management of your injury to prevent further harm.
  • Advice regarding correct posture and movement. We can advise you on the correct movement and management of your affected area.
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation. Untended inflammation can prolong and aggravate an injury further. Early reduction of swelling and inflammation can improve
  • Improve and maintain muscle strength
  • Prevent compensatory effects
  • Prevent scarring
  • Improve joint mobility

Prompt Treatment Benefits include:

  • Relieving your pain quicker via joint mobility techniques, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy etc
  • Improving your scar tissue quality using techniques to guide the direction it forms
  • Getting you back to sport or work quicker through faster healing rates
  • Loosening or strengthening of your injured region with individually prescribed exercises and techniques
  • Improving your performance when you do return to sport, work or simply daily life
  • Correct any biomechanical faults that may be affecting your movement, technique or predisposing you to injury

What if You do Nothing?

Research tells us that injuries left untreated do take longer to heal and have lingering pain. They are also more likely to recur and leave you with:

  • abnormal scar tissue formation
  • joint stiffness
  • muscle weakness

It's important to remember that symptoms lasting longer than three months become habitual and are much harder to solve. The sooner you get on top of your symptoms the better your outcome.

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