Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an allied health profession which looks to reduce stiffness, pain and discomfort whilst looking to maximise movement, function and mobility. We look to return you to your normal function so you can continue to do what you do best!

What should I expect from my initial Consultation?

At West Melbourne Physiotherapy, your initial assessment will take 40 minutes. During this process we will:

Talk about your injury or condition:

We start with an in depth history of your presenting condition. We will explore your presenting condition, history of prior injuries and also how they occur and relate to your goals. Understanding the injury, anatomy and causes as well as how physiotherapy and exercises can help is important to help you to recover quicker.

Perform an in depth analysis:

We continue to an in depth analysis and assessment of the injured joints and areas including looking at how you move, how strong you are are in certain movements and functional assessments. We believe in relating everything back to your function and goals.

Educate you on your condition

Discussing your injury and talking involving you in your treatment in important for a quick and full recovery. We will discuss possible diagnosis, goals of physiotherapy treatment and also further exercises and strengthening that may be needed to return to full function.

Provide you with specific treatment

At West Melbourne Physiotherapy we adopt a one on one hands on approach to our services. It is important to have the body return to normal movement as soon as possible. We complement these treatments with targeted and goal-driven exercises that not only treat the symptoms but make sure strength and function are returned. With this process we strive to help alleviate pain and discomfort and return you to normal function

Plan for the road to recovery

Injuries and pain can cause our bodies to lose strength and function resulting in possible recurrence of pain and injury. We strive to educate you on the correct exercises for long term wellbeing and recovery and get you back to doing what you love best!

Can I see a Physiotherapist for Workcover, TAC and Workcover? Do I need a referral to see a Physiotherapist? (Workcover, TAC, Medicare (EPC))

For Private Patients you do not need a referral to see a Physiotherapist. We have onsite HiCAPs facility making it easier for you to claim immediately.

We also accept referrals for everyone who is eligible Workcover, TAC and Medicare (under the enhanced primary care program). We advise that you see your local GP for a referral to Physiotherapy before seeing us.

To find out more information regarding eligibility, process and what we treat please visit your corresponding referral below

Will my private health fund pay a rebate for my treatment?

Yes, most private health funds will pay for a portion of your Physiotherapist treatment. We have HICAPs facilities which enables you to have on the spot claims from your private health insurance.

When should I see my Physiotherapist before and after an operation?

There are many benefits to seeing a Physiotherapist before and after your operation. We can help to educate and prepare you for the surgery increasing your chances of a successful post-surgery program. Following surgery, Physiotherapy is vital in helping you to improve movement, avoid any post-surgery complications and start a rehabilitation program to improve strength and function. We also work intimately with your surgeon and referrer to make sure they are updated on your progress and to report any concerns at the earliest possible date.

For more information visit Pre-operative and Post operative Physiotherapy

Is it safe to see a Physiotherapist whilst pregnant?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time however it can come with back, neck and hip pain. West Melbourne Physiotherapy can help you with a tailored program to help prevent pain and prepare you to become stronger after pregnancy.

We offer hands on Physiotherapy in a safe and controlled environment to help you to overall any pregnancy related aches and pains whilst preparing you the birth of your child and post-natal needs.

For more information visit Pre-natal and Post-natal Physiotherapy

How soon should I see a Physiotherapist?

In most cases, early intervention and treatment is the most important step to good and lasting results. With early Physiotherapy, we can help you to understand and avoid further aggravation to the injury. We can set you on the path to recovery and improvement. We always look to understand you and your goals and will work with you to achieve these goals.


Initial Consultation (45-50 mins) $110.00
Standard Consultation (30 mins) $85.00
Long Consultation (60 mins) $140.00

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