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How to refer patient to West Melbourne Physiotherapy

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an allied health profession which looks to reduce stiffness, pain and discomfort whilst looking to maximise movement, function and mobility. We can help your patients through an assessment involving clear history taking, in depth assessment and goal setting to help your patients improve.

Common conditions and injuries that we can treat at West Melbourne Physiotherapy:

Neck: Neck strains, wry neck, headaches, whiplash, neck disc injury, neck osteoarthritis and pain referring down arms.

Shoulder: Rotator cuff strains, frozen shoulder, post-operative shoulder rehabilitation, bursitis, AC joint injuries and shoulder dislocations.

Elbow/Wrist/Hand: Tennis elbow, Golfer's elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, post fracture rehabilitation of elbow and wrist, elbow and wrist sprain, thumb strain, osteoarthritis.

Lower back/Trunk: Lower back strains, Disc injuries, Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, postural related pain, Lower back fractures,pregnancy related back pain, poor core strength.

Hip/Groin: Hip strains, Groin strains, Osteitis pubis, Hip bursitis, Hip osteoarthritis, Total hip replacements, Hamstring strains, Quadriceps strains, Labral Tear

Knee: Acute knee strains, ACL reconstruction, Meniscal strains, total knee replacement, Osteoarthritic knee, Patello-femoral joint pain, patella (kneecap) dislocation, pain running.

Ankle and foot: ankle sprains, ankle fractures achilles tendon rupture, achilles tendon pain, plantar fasciitis, calf strains and tears, calf tightness, bunions

How West Melbourne Physiotherapy can help you in managing your patients.

There are many benefits that West Melbourne Physiotherapy can offer to your patients including:

  • educate your patients on their injury and condition to help them become involved in their rehabilitation
  • assess and diagnose injuries
  • Help manage and assess pain and treat patients through the biopsychosocial model acknowledging that psychology can play a role in pain perception
  • Assess for weakness in muscles and strengthen these through a targeted program to achieve functional goals
  • Help to promote and monitor exercise programs to better allow patients to improve
  • Give range of movement exercises to decrease stiffness and associated pain
  • Be involved in returning workers to their job with suitable and achievable duties and be an active member of the return to work program.
  • Be an active member of helping TAC patients recover from injuries sustained in traffic related accidents with goal to return to work and function.
  • Be a part of the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) helping to treat chronic patients and improving outcomes. We also offer no gap to all EPC referrals.
  • Help improve core strengthening

Why choose West Melbourne Physiotherapy for your next Physiotherapy referral?

We wish to work and build long term relationships with all our local General Practitioners in order to provide the best outcome and treatment for our patients. We are located in an accessible location close to the Melbourne CBD yet still being proud of being part of the West Melbourne community and surrounding suburbs.

The reasons why West Melbourne Physiotherapy should be your next Physiotherapy provider include:

Physiotherapist with 10 years experience in sports related and occupational health with experience working with Workcover, TAC and Medicare EPC patients.

Patients referred from General Practitioners and Medical Specialists will always be referred back to original referrer for review and follow up following physiotherapy sessions.

We will always follow medical instructions and suggestions from General Practitioners and Medical Specialists.

Regular communication through the form or letters, emails and phone calls (whichever prefered) will be provided to update referrers on how patients are progressing with Physiotherapy treatment.

We treat TAC and Workcover clients through our early intervention program meaning we empower patients to take early and effective responsibility for their injuries through education, assessment, treatment planning and treatment.

We treat Extended Primary Care patients with no gap ensuring everyone making our Physiotherapy service accessible to everyone.

We ensure all our patients are one on one with the Physiotherapist at all times ensuring a personalised service

We are hands on with all our patients with both treatment and rehabilitation. We listen to their goals and work to achieve what is most important to them.

We complement our treatment with exercises and functional goals to help patients improve reach their functional goals.

If preferred we are able to complete ongoing certificate of capacities for Workcover and TAC patients.

Quick availability of patient bookings through our modern online booking system

Convenient Physiotherapy location and times enabling patients to book in at a time that suits them.

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