Hip and Groin

Hip and Groin

Hip and Groin pain

Hip and groin pain can be very much related to one another and may also can be related to your lower back pain. They can both be very debilitating and prevent you from performing your everyday activities as well as the sports you enjoy completing.

How we treat hip and groin conditions:

Hips and groins play an integral part in our everyday activities and movement acting to transfer the force and movement from our upper body (back, neck and arms) to our lower body (hips, knees and legs). This means that even small issues to our hips and groins can lead to lack of function. Our specialised Physiotherapists are experts in assessing your biomechanics and posture to better improve function and decrease pain. Following surgery, we can also guide you through the process of education, increasing range and strength and returning you to strength to allow you to continue your everyday activities.

Examples of common hip and groin conditions we treat include:

Hip strains, Groin strains, Osteitis pubis, Hip bursitis, Hip osteoarthritis, Total hip replacements, Hamstring strains, Quadriceps strains, Labral Tear

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