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What we treat

West Melbourne Physiotherapy can pre-operative and post-operative care for the following operations.

Neck: Cervical spinal fusion, Laminectomy

Shoulder: Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression, Rotator cuff tendon repair, Shoulder arthroscopy and debridement, Bankart repair of shoulder, Shoulder bursectomy, total shoulder replacement,

Elbow/Wrist/Hand: Carpal Tunnel release, repair fracture of radius and ulna, repair fracture of distal part of radius, finger tendon surgery, Tennis elbow repair.

Lower back/Trunk: Laminectomy, Lumbar Spinal fusion, low back intevertebral disc surgey, Low back Discectomy, pre-operative and post-operative core strengthening.

Hip/Groin: Repair of femoral neck fracture, Repair of trochanteric fracture, total hip replacements, repair of femoral shaft fracture, hip resurfacing, hip arthroscopy, hernia repair,

Knee: Knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty, Knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction, Knee arthroscopy and mensici repair, total knee replacement, Meniscectomy,

Ankle and foot: Repair of ankle fracture, repair of ankle fracture (fibula), achilles tendon repair, bunions

The benefits of Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Education: Pre-operative Physiotherapy can help educate patients regarding upcoming surgery and what to expect post-surgery. Physiotherapy can better prepare patients for surgery through targeted exercises around the joint. We can also teach patients on post-operative exercises so they can start as soon as able.

Confidence: Pre-operative Physiotherapy can prepare patients for the surgery and alleviate anxiety.

Build rapport and trust: post-surgery can be a difficult time to meet and be acquainted to a Physiotherapist. Building prior trust and rehabilitation with your Physiotherapist can make it post-operative rehabilitation easier.

Benefits of Post-operative Physiotherapy for the referrer.

Post-operative physiotherapy can help to improve outcomes and benefits of surgery making sure also to avoid any post-surgery complications and get you back to getting on your way

Help motivate patients to complete given exercises and education regarding the importance of these exercises.

Physiotherapy immediately following surgical procedures can ensure optimal results following surgical procedures. Can help to decrease swelling in joints and muscles, can help to manage pain and discomfort and help with specific and functional exercises to improve strength and function.

Prevent costly post-operative complications and early reporting of complications and referral back to referral/medical specialist for prompt review.

Educate patients on how to successfully manage their own long term recovery process with correct exercises and goals.

Can help patients follow a strict post-surgical protocol if required from the referring specialist.

Communication between medical specialist referrer and Physiotherapist can help patients reach great outcome goals.

Our Professional Physiotherapist will complement your service and improve patient satisfaction with the overall surgery experience.

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