Neck and Headache

Neck and Headache

Neck pain and discomfort

Neck pain and discomfort can be a common part of daily lives for many of us. With the added stresses and strains of everyday life, we see many clients with neck pain and associated headaches. Neck pain can also present as pain referring into the arms and upper back. From poor posture, sitting too long at the desk or sleeping in the wrong position we can help you with all your neck and headache related problems.

How we treat neck conditions:

Treating the neck starts with a detailed assessment of not only the neck but surrounding joints such as your shoulders, upper back and skull. We also take into account other factors that may lead to neck issues such as posture, sleeping patterns, sports and work conditions. We always start with an in depth history to find out how long you may have had your neck stiffness, pain and headaches. Many neck issues can be a result of other joints being stiff including your jaw joints, shoulder joint, shoulder blade and upper back; in other words how your posture relates and contributes to your neck issues.

Did you know your everyday headache and migraine can be a result of your poor posture and stiff neck? Physiotherapy treatment and exercise can be beneficial in helping to decrease your headaches and make you feel fresh in mind. This is why an experienced Physiotherapist can help you assess, understand and set goals to be rid of your neck stiffnesses, pains and headaches.

Examples of common neck and headache related issues we treat include:

Headaches and migraines, Post-operative neck rehabilitation, neck stiffness, whiplash, pinched nerve, Neck disc injury, Wry Neck, Postural related pain, neck osteoarthritis, neck strains and sprains and neck pain referring into the arm.

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