Operative Physiotherapy

Operative Physiotherapy

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Preparing for and recovering from any surgery can be helped from the aid of Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can help educate you and answer any questions or concerns you may have leading up to the surgery. Pre-operative exercises can help you best prepare for surgery and what to come after the surgery.

Post-operative Physiotherapy can be very effective in assisting to return you to function, work and sports in a quick and safe manner. Our Physiotherapists work with your specialists to offer hands on treatment to improve tissue healing and targeted exercises to improve strength and function.

The many benefits of Pre-Operative Physiotherapy


Pre-operative Physiotherapy can help to educate you regarding your upcoming surgery and what to expect post-surgery. We can teach you the exercises you can expect to be doing immediately following surgery.


Pre-operative physiotherapy can prepare patients for the surgery and alleviate anxiety.

Build rapport and trust:

post-surgery can be a difficult time to meet and be acquainted to a Physiotherapist. Building prior trust and rehabilitation with your Physiotherapist can make it your post-operative rehabilitation easier.

Benefits of Post-operative Physiotherapy

Avoid costly post-operative complications:

Post-operative complications can be costly and time consuming. Post-operative physiotherapy can help to prevent these complications and to improve outcomes and benefits of surgery helping you improve in a safe and timely manner.

Optimise results:

Physiotherapy immediately following surgical procedures can ensure that you get the best possible chance to full recovery from surgery.


Physiotherapy can help educate patients on how to successfully manage their own long term recovery process.

Keep communication open between you and the Specialist:

Physiotherapists can assist in communicating effectively the progress of your post-surgical improvement to your specialist.

Examples of common surgeries we treat


Cervical spinal fusion, Laminectomy


Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression, Rotator cuff tendon repair, Shoulder arthroscopy and debridement, Shoulder bursectomy, total shoulder replacement.


Carpal Tunnel release, repair fracture of radius and ulna, repair fracture of distal part of radius, finger tendon surgery, Tennis elbow repair.

Lower back/Trunk:

Laminectomy, Lumbar Spinal fusion, low back intevertebral disc surgey, Low back Discectomy, pre-operative and post-operative core strengthening.


Repair of femoral neck fracture, Repair of trochanteric fracture, total hip replacements, repair of femoral shaft fracture, hip resurfacing, hip arthroscopy, hernia repair,


Knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty, Knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction, Knee arthroscopy and mensici repair, total knee replacement, Meniscectomy,

Ankle and foot:

Repair of ankle fracture, repair of ankle fracture (fibula), achilles tendon repair, bunions

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