Patients we treat

Patients we treat

We accept all referrals and patients from the following clients:

At West Melbourne Physiotherapy we accept all patient referral types if eligible.
Patients we see include:

  • Private Patients
  • Pre-operative and Post-operative Physiotherapy referral
  • Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)
  • Workcover Patients
  • TAC Claims

Private Patients: No referral is required for our private clients. With on the spot HiCaps claiming and EPTPOS credit card facilities we offer convenience and ease for your next treatment.

Pre-operative and Post-operative Physiotherapy referrals: We are able to see all clients who are awaiting surgery or have had surgery. We look to liaise and communicate with your specialist and work together to help you prepare or recover from your operation.

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Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC): Medicare can provide you for up to 5 services per calendar year under the Enhanced Primary Care Initiative for eligible patients.

This is available to people with complex and long-standing health conditions and MUST be referred by your General Practitioner under an Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Not all people can qualify for such a plan.

Your suitability for this treatment can be discussed with your General Practitioner. Mention us to your GP to see one of our qualified and experienced Physiotherapy at a convenient location. We ensure that there is NO GAP with EPC patients which means no out of pocket expenses for you.

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Workcover Patients:

If you have injured yourself at work and wish to claim your treatment under Workcover, it is important that you discuss this with your employer prior to attending the clinic for your appointment. You will need to complete an Incident Report Form at your work, and we will need to confirm by phone that liability has been accepted by your employer before we can process the account.

If we are unable to do this prior to the time of your treatment, then you will need to pay for the consultation as a private patient until such time that we can confirm your claim has been accepted. You will then need to claim reimbursement directly from your employer.

To help make this process more efficient, we encourage all Workcover claimants to provide details of their claim prior to coming in for their first treatment.

To find about more about making the claim visit Making a claim

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TAC Claims:

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and wish to claim your treatment through the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), please be aware that a medical excess fee of $629 does apply if you were not admitted to hospital as an inpatient following your accident.

You will need to provide written confirmation from the TAC that you have reached your medical excess (or this needs to verbally be confirmed with a TAC representative) and that your claim has been approved. If not, you will be need to pay as a private patient until your excess has been reached.

Please note that if you were admitted to hospital as an inpatient as a result of your accident, then your excess is automatically waived and you do not need to provide this letter - however we will still need to contact TAC to ensure that your claim has been approved, so it is important that you provide us with the required details - ie. Your TAC Claim Number and Accident Date.

It is also helpful if you have the name of your case manager handy.

To find about more about making the claim visit Making a claim

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