Pre-employment/ Work Fitness Assessments

Pre-employment/ Work Fitness Assessments

At premier health workplace solutions we can create a pre-employment functional assessment that matches to your needs as an employer.

We offer three forms of pre-employment screening and can incorporate musculoskeletal assessment (Physiotherapist), general medical assessment (Nursing) and Medical (General Practitioner) into the program.

Pre-employment process:

For complete care and tailored pre-employments our Physiotherapists would like to meet and discuss your job demands and pre-employment requirements before we conduct pre-employment screening on your behalf. This process may include:

  • Initial interview and questioning to understand your job demands and what you would like to achieve with pre-employment screening
  • Analysing your job tasks to tailor a pre-employment screening that best reflects the demands of the job
  • If there is no job task dictionary, our trained physiotherapists can help to develop and prepare job tasks analysis.

Pre-employments can be booked directly online below on our pre-employment referral page below or a pdf can be printed out with the below link and faxed through to us. We will then arrange to call you back to book in a pre-employment screening.

Worker can be booked in immediately over phone or online. Please ring us to confirm time needed for such pre-employment screening.

Pre-employment referral page

Click here to download a West Melbourne Physiotherapy Pre-employment Referral form

Pre-employment benefits:

  • Targeted and individualised pre-employment program to suit your needs mirrors your jobs demands leading to true results.
  • In depth history to understand work related injuries or past work cover claims
  • Assess manual handling technique early to educate and help prevent more technique in future
  • Help assess workers' weaknesses and strengths to devise a program to improve on these deficiencies
  • Can be used to identify high risk injury groups
  • Can be used to gauge future weaknesses and or strengths
  • Can be used to plan alternative duties or other job placement for worker
  • Help identify pre-disposing postures that may lead to repetitive strain, other injuries in future. Ie. Flat feet that may predispose to issues if worker in on feet most of the day.
  • Monitor for risks and or allergies that may affect worker in your environment.
  • Prevent early claim of injury.

Our promise to you

24 hour response with brief letter/email or phone call when possible. Following this an in depth report will be sent out in same time span.

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