Shoulder pain and discomfort

Our shoulder is our most mobile joint which means it is useful for many of our everyday functions and activities. However with this increased movement can comes instability proneness to injury and discomfort. Shoulders work in conjunction with joints in our neck and upper back and can also cause issues relating to these areas.

How we treat shoulder conditions:

Shoulders are the most mobile joints in our body and with the great movement comes risk of injury and instability. Shoulder assessment can be very tricky and needs to be completed correctly in order to have your shoulder moving in a pain free range of movement. We look to assess your shoulder in conjunction with analysis of your neck, upper back and overall posture. We offer hands on treatment and targeted exercises to find balance in your shoulder movements. For people who have had shoulder surgery it is important to receive prompt Physiotherapy assessment and treatment to avoid further issues regarding to stiffness complications such as frozen shoulders in the future.

Examples of common shoulder related issues we treat include:

Rotator cuff strains, Shoulder arthroscopy, Post-operative shoulder rehabilitation, frozen shoulder, bursitis, AC joint injuries, Shoulder dislocations, Shoulder arthritis

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