Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy: Understanding your sports injury and goals

Understanding the specific sports and applying our knowledge will help you to achieve your goals of returning to sport of choice quickly and safely. From elite athletes to recreational weekend players, we believe an individualised and specific approach is best to achieve your goals.

Sports Injury assessment:

We look to assess each individual and sporting injury specifically. We always start with a thorough interview with questions regarding the history and presentation of the injury, the aggravating factors and what limits you from performing your sporting activities. An objective assessment is then performed including biomechanical analysis and special tests to better diagnose the presenting issue. With these assessments we then work with you to educate your on your presenting injury and to set realistic and safe goals to return you to your desired sport.

Sports Injury treatment:

Sports injury treatment and exercises should always be specific and keep the end goal in mind. Whether it be running your first marathon or making your local footy final we have the treatments and advice to return you back to sports safely. We also focus on exercises and techniques to ensure that the injuries do not recur in the future.

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